XOM-B (German title XOM-BI) is a thrilling science fiction novel by Jeremy Robinson.

Freeman is a genius with an uncommon mixture of memory, intelligence and creativity. He lives in a worldwide utopia, but it was not always so.  There was a time known as the Grind—when Freeman's people lived as slaves to another race referred to simply as "Master." They were property. But a civil rights movement emerged. Change seemed near, but the Masters refused to bend. Instead, they declared war.

And lost.

Now, the freed world is threatened by a virus, spread through bites, sweeping through the population. Those infected are propelled to violence, driven to disperse the virus. Uniquely suited to respond to this new threat, Freeman searches for a cure, but instead finds the source—the Masters, intent on reclaiming the world. Freeman must fight for his life, for his friends and for the truth, which is far more complex and dangerous than he ever imagined.

XOM-B: The Original Cover

Jeremy Robinson not only wrote this book but even did the wonderful cover seen here. German Publisher Frank Festa was thinking about using something with the same strong symbol of the rising robot hand. After several tests he decided to use the original image. I would have loved to do the cover for this amazing book but have to confess it was the right decision, all new versions were too close the original image without reaching it's greatness.

German Cover (unused)

This is the version I did for the German edition that was not used. Below are some earlier drafts.

Early Drafts


This is a cover test with title included and the final German cover with the image by Jeremy Robinson himself, published by Festa Verlag.

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