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Leipzig is a big city in Germany and has always been very important to me - I served in the army there, studied there, met most of my friends and now I live here for many years. It is an amazing place to be - full of history and change (check >>this). This year there are the celebrations of its 1000th anniversary and one project is the publication of the book Leipzig - Visionen gestern und heute (Leipzig - Visions yesterday and today) with stories and novel extracts that are related to Leipzig plus tons of material about architectural projects that never were realized.

The book will be presented in the German National Library Leipzig on 24th October. Many of the contributors will be around then so it will be a great event, more informations are >>here.

I did four images for the book - two illustrations for stories plus two general paintings.

The one on the right is titled Cool and fits very well the feeling of living here. The large skyscraper in the back is the former university tower where I sweated many hours during my study times, I reused it in another of the images I did.

The book can be preordered at a special price on the website of the >>FKSFL.

End of Time

There are many amazing examples in fiction - Long Afternoon of Earth by Brian Aldiss, Jack Vance's Dying Earth or others - and it always creates a special mood I tried to catch.

End of Time
Robert Kraft: Totenstadt (Dead City) 1901

Robert Kraft (1869 - 1916) was a local author of fantastic fiction. In his series "Im Reich der Phantasie" he created really strange settings, in volume 1 "Die Totenstadt" he changed Earth rotation in a way Leipzig moved to equator. So the hero of the story had to walk through a fast changing city.

I did the image without knowing the original cover image (right) and was stunned how close it was to my vision...


Brian Lumley: Necroscope®

Brian Lumley's Necroscope® is one of the greatest Vampire-series, and in book 1 there is a scene where hero Harry Keogh (who can talk with the dead) tries to get advise and help by great mathematician Moebius (yes, the guy with the strip is buried here). So Keogh travels to Moebius' grave in Leipzig - where he is surrounded by secret agents and has to escape a very special way...


Brian Lumley several times visited Leipzig and as a surprise we tried to find the real grave of Moebius and although the cemetery administration of Leipzig really helped us it was not possible to find the extact place, in chaotic times of plague too many informations got lost.

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