Doing cover for magazines - this time Phantastisch issue 67 - means freedom of choice. This time the idea came with reading Andreas Brandhorst's amazing novel OMNI. To simplify - an old man standing on a very special boat landing stage and watches the system and structure of the universe - and I love the combination of this very commonplace setting with the look behind the most complex curtain of everything. In the progress the old man mutated to a monk.

The style of the image is influenced by the works of fantastic artists I saw first after the fall of the iron curtain 1989 - Tim White and Chris Foss. I loved their amazing colourful images with breathtaking geometrical formed spaceships, so decided to use brighter colours myself.

Phantastisch is a great magazine with stories, interviews, art and essays - always worth a read: >>Phantastisch

After magazine came out I did some variations and changed colour palette - so this is kind of "Director's Cut".

The cover image was nominated for the Kurd-Lasswitz-Award.

The System of the World

An early draft from the beginning - showing still the old man. Thanks to Andreas Brandhorst for inspiration.

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